Solar Panel Monitoring Systems

Solar panel monitoring systems help you to get the most out of your solar panel array.

solar panel monitoring l coretech solarMonitoring systems allow you to see:-

  • How much energy is being generated.
  • How much much income you are receiving from the Feed In Tariff each month.
  • How much you are saving on electricity costs.
  • The performance of your solar panels.
  • The amount of CO2 emissions you are saving.

Coretech Solar select the best solar panel monitoring systems to save you money through efficient energy usage.




Monitoring your energy allows you to accurately evaluate the energy efficiency of your home and implement changes where necessary. It shows the electricity in use in your home at any given time in cost, watts or kg carbon for better visibility of your daily electricity activity.

Solar panel monitoring systems can show you when more free electricity is being generated than used. This allows you to use electrical equipment at optimum times

Systems can also provide you with historical data: on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.

Fronius Solar.Web

Fronius solar web l Coretech Solar l Solar panel monitoring systems

Fronius Solar.Web. Click here to view a sample system

The free all-in-one internet portal for your solar panel monitoring.

The Fronius Solar.Web configures, monitors, analyses and visualises your solar system.

  • Up to date system data can be accessed at any-time.
  • Clearly presented.
  • User-friendly and easy to use.

Comprehensive range of analysis functions included:-

  • Clear presentation and evaluation of the latest and archived data.
  • Automatic yield comparisons across multiple inverters or time periods.
  • Comparison of PV system data against sensor data (target vs. actual comparison).
  • Automatic module fault detection.
  • Automatic message output and regular reports.

The mobile version of the on-line service allows visualisation of the energy yields from your solar system.

Coretech Solar can advise you on all the solar panel monitoring systems available. Contact us today for more details.

Coretech Solar will guide you through every part of your solar panel installation; from an initial survey of your roof and space available, advice on the best solar panels to meet you requirements, additional cost saving features available,  to the monitoring of your systems’ performance and return on investment.

To view a demonstration of the Wattson Solar Plus system, just one of the solar panel monitoring systems available from Coretech Solar, click on the image below

solar panel monitoring l coretech solar

Please note: By clicking on the image above you will be directed to Wattson Energy Hive website. This website is for demonstration purposes only and may take some time to load.