How Solar energy works

What is solar energy and how can it be used?


solar energy


Solar energy is, quite simply, radiant light and heat from the sun captured by technology. This light and heat is then used to produce energy for residential, commercial and agricultural use.

Harnessed correctly, the smallest amount of energy from our sun, nearly 93 million miles away, is capable of powering the entire planet!

How solar panels work.

Photovoltaics cells (photo means ‘light’ and voltaics means ‘electricity’) or PV cells convert light into sustainable, clean electricity for use in business or residential premises.

Solar panels do not need direct sunlight. how solar energy works l Coretech Solar

Contrary to popular belief solar panels do not require direct sunlight to work. Rather the photovoltaic process works when irradiance ( direct, diffuse, and reflected solar radiation) strikes the solar cells. The positive and negative electrons are exited. Positive chases negative and vice versa. This process produces direct current voltage (DC voltage).

Solar energy is the future.

Energy resources such as oil, gas and coal are in scarce supply. As our capacity to find fossil fuels becomes harder and harder, the price of supplying and buying energy grows. The cost to our environment is also evident; CO2 emissions are ever increasing and the destruction of our planet is relentless in this quest for energy.

Solar energy is limitless. Now is the time when we should be exploring every avenue available to harness it’s potential with innovative solar panel choices.

Different types of solar panels.

Coretech Solar provides many different types of solar panels:-

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