Does Shade Effect Solar Panels

Find out how shade effects solar panels.

does shade effect solar panels




Does shade effect solar panels and will I still be able to fit a solar system on my roof?

Coretech Solar can help you overcome shading issues with carefully design rooftop installations. We use quality Enphase micro inverters for individual solar panels. This helps to combat the problems associated with shading.

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How we avoid the problems associated with shading.

The first step Coretech undertake is a detailed survey of your proposed site. It may sound absurd, but many solar panel companies fail to make a visual inspection of your roof before they provide you with a quote. Coretech, from the first visit, will accurately measure your roof and inspect it. Once we have discussed your needs we plan a solar system to suit both you and your roof. Coretech assessment and surveys are carried out by qualified electrical contractors, unlike many companies who use a salesperson to visit and advise you on your solar panel system.

Coretech configure the effect shading will have on your system and plan the solar panel positioning according. We ensure that the installation is still aesthetically pleasing with no large areas uncovered or panels not centered.

How does shade effect solar panels?

If objects such as trees, chimneys and neighbouring properties shade your roof it has a significant effect on the ambient and direct light feeding your solar panel system. Solar cells require electromagnetic radiation from the sun to function. The photovoltaic (pv) modules in solar panels, combined with inverters, capture and transform solar direct current into a usable alternating current. This current can be used within your home or fed into the electrical grid.

Shade effects solar panels by blocking this electromagnetic radiation. The radiation cannot be utilised and this leads to loss in efficiency.

Effect of cloud on solar panels.

Most people assume that solar panels only work in direct sunlight. This isn’t true. If you use a calculator powered by solar panels it still works indoors doesn’t it? does shade effect solar panelsThis is because solar cells work on ambient light. Yes they work better in direct sunlight but conversely operate with slightly less efficiency on a hot day. Solar panels still produce significant energy on foggy or cloudy days. Rainy days have the advantage of cleaning your solar panels to maintain their efficiency. All of this is good to know if you live in the North of the UK!

So the answer to ‘does shade effect solar panels?’ is yes it does, but Coretech Solar have the knowledge and years of experience in solar panel installation to overcome any problems.

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