Is my roof suitable for solar panels?

Discover how Coretech domestic solar panels can work for your home. Assess the suitability of your roof, including the direction of your roof to the sun, pitch, shading consequences and the structural soundness.

Is my roof suitable for solar panels?

1. Does your roof face the sun?Is my roof suitable for solar panels?

It is commonly held belief that roofs facing the south have the best suitability for solar panels. However don’t let that put you off exploring the possibility of installing solar panels on your roof, as it may not necessarily be correct. Western or east-west facing domestic solar panel systems may actually provide you with a more consistent flow of energy. Southern facing systems tend to have a spike of electricity at midday.

Also what happens to all that electricity generated if you are out of your home most of the day? Arguably it could make a lot more sense to position the solar panels on the west side of your roof. The sun sets to the west and it is at this time of day that you are more likely to be using electricity generated. (We also have battery storage options available to store electricity generated by your domestic solar panels.This means that you can use your electricity at any time).

Coretech will assess the suitability of your roof and advise you to the best systems available, with options such as split systems to make the most of the light from all angles during the day.

2. Pitch of your roof.

Most UK properties have a roof pitch of 30-50 degrees. This is ideal for domestic solar panel systems. However roofs with a lower or higher angle may still be able to benefit from domestic solar panel systems. Coretech will advise you on your first meeting.

3. Will shade effect my solar panel system? Is my roof suitable for solar panels? l coretech solar

See ‘Does shade effect solar panels‘ for more information.

Essentially shading from any obstacles such as chimneys, trees or neighbouring properties can effect your domestic solar panel system. Coretech’s carefully designed systems help to alleviate any problems from shading.

4. Is my roof structurally sound?

Unlike many solar panel companies, Coretech will set up your first meeting with a qualified electrician. We will inspect your roof to make our initial assessment, including the suitability of your roof to carry the weight of the proposed domestic solar panel system. Most roofs have more than enough capacity to site a solar panel system.

5. Planning permission.

Due to changes in English planning law, you no longer need planning permission to install solar panels on a domestic property, providing they do not protrude above the apex or more than 200 mm above the roof line. They can be fitted to nearly all types of property, either on the roof or on the ground itself.

6. So, is my roof suitable for solar panels?

The answer is almost always yes! Contact Coretech Solar today for a site visit and we will give you a honest opinion on your roof suitability and talk you through all the different options available. Coretech are a registered and approved NICEIC electrical contractor and will visually inspect your roof and talk you through all possible scenarios that may affect the solar system, whilst you are there. Unlike many companies we do not send out a salesperson, instead we send a qualified electrician.