Commercial Solar Power Case Study

Commercial solar power case study from Coretech Solar.


British Sugar – Saving money, making money.

British Sugar invested in solar PV to make their refinery in Cantley more efficient: generating their own green electricity to reduce energy bills and gain an income from Feed-in Tariff payments. Coretech solar PV installations also offer protection from future energy price increases.


Commercial solar power case study from Coretech Solar.

      Commercial solar power case study from Coretech Solar. British Sugar, Cantley.                                         



Breaking the reliance on grid provided energy.

Coretech installed a solar PV system comprising 640 solar panels and two 75kW inverters. The system generates enough electricity to power 40 homes. This goes a long way to breaking the plant’s reliance on bought-in energy.

The system provides an annual net benefit of £32,000. With payback in six years, British Sugar will generate approximately 142,400kWh of free electricity a year. That’s over £2 million in 30 years with rising energy costs and inflation.

Engineered for Maximum Performance.

Commercial solar Power Case Study l Coretech Solar

One of the 75kW Fronius inverters running at 72kWh.


Commercial solar Power Case Study l British Sugar l Coretech SolarCoretech worked closely with Austrian inverter manufacturer Fronius on designing the system for maximum efficiency. This ensured the client is guaranteed the biggest savings possible.

From explosive atmospheres and access constraints, to limited space and high engineering standards, the working environment at British Sugar presented many challenges. All problems overcome through Coretech’s engineering experience.


Simon Williams, Technical Support at Fronius UK said “When working alongside an installer on a solar PV installation, we are keen to know that the installer is reliable, with a good knowledge of our product and the ability to safely install it. We were therefore happy to work with Coretech Electrical Services on this commercial installation at British Sugar, who are conscientious installers who took the initiative to get fully trained on the products prior to installation. The work carried out was of an extremely high standard and professional, using quality materials. We were particularly impressed with the cable management and their insight into utilising space within the crowded factory environment. The staff proved a pleasure to work with and we look forward to working with them on their next PV project.”

After sales support.

British Sugar also have the reassurance of Coretech’s solar PV support service; designed to reduce system downtime and limit generation losses. Off-site system monitoring enables Coretech, who are Fronius Service Partners, to track system performance remotely, diagnose problems, and attend site with the correct part and repair in one visit.

Commercial Solar Power Case Study from Coretech Solar. Contact us today to discover how we can help your business, no matter how large or small.