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Commercial solar panel installers for Yorkshire


Commercial solar panel installers Yorkshire.

Most businesses across Yorkshire have under utilised roof space available on their warehouses, factories, shops,offices, farms, liveries and vineyards. Combined with vacant land, ripe for the development of ground mounted solar panel systems, the capability of most companies to save money and help the environment is immense. Coretech are commercial solar panel installers Yorkshire and the north of the UK. We can help assess your needs and deliver a cost effective solar panel system with a high return on investment.

The total amount of commercial solar PV installed in the UK now exceeds 3.6GW, placing us third in the world after China and the U.S.A.

The best guarantee for consistent long term performance of a solar system is quality. Coretech Solar offer the most advanced and durable solar solutions to maximise your return on investment. We install leading solar panel systems from manufacturers such as SolarWorld. Made in Europe and the USA, SolarWorld have over 40 years industry experience and produce solar panels of superior performance. Systems are extensively tested for quality and durability. SolarWorld has been a global market leader for decades; they played a key role in the development of crystalline solar power technology that has become the industry standard.

SolarWorld deliver premium product performance and long-term security with their 25-year linear performance guarantee on all Sunmodule Plus, Pro-Series and XL solar modules. Their glass-glass Sunmodule Protect has a 30-year linear performance . All solar panels are covered by a 10-year product workmanship warranty.

SolarWorld’s panel design ensures that even through wind, rain or snow (especially if you are based in Yorkshire!) they will continue to ensure high performance over the decades.

As commercial solar panel installers, Yorkshire and beyond, Coretech only fit the best quality products for your business.

Advantages of commercial solar panels.

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Reduced operational costs.

Commercial solar panel installers for Yorkshire l coretech solar

The unit cost of electricity from your currently energy provider is likely to be be far greater than the cost of installing and generating electricity from solar power. Commercial solar panels will reduce, and can even eliminate, your company’s electricity bills. Solar energy is infinite and free, unlike gas, oil and electricity supplies which are slowly but surely decreasing. As these supplies decrease the cost of energy will continue to rise.

Return on investment.

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At the heart of every business is the need for a great return on investment. The costs involved with manufacturing and installing solar panels has greatly reduced over the past few years. This means that installing a solar panel system, whether on your business’s roof or on the ground, can provide a return on investment of up to 17%. Obviously the amount of space you have available will impact on this. Generally speaking the larger the system for commercial solar panels, the greater the electricity generated and the better the return on investment.

Currently all commercial solar systems receive payments from the government Feed In Tariff Scheme (FITs).

Contact Coretech Solar , your commercial solar panel installers Yorkshire, to advise you on your space requirements, solar panel options, and calculate  your ROI.

Environmental advantages.

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Going solar increases your business’ green credentials. Government figures show over 80% of the public support solar technology.

Many of our clients have experienced increased turnover since installing solar. Consumer buying decisions are increasingly based on a company’s ethics. What better way of showing your commitment to reducing the environmental impact of your business than installing solar panels on or within your commercial premises. 

Low maintenance and high performance.

As solar panels have no moving parts they require very little maintenance. The only part of your solar panel array that will need replacing (approx. every 10 years) is the power inverter used to convert the direct current to an alternating current. Coretech only use the best quality inverters available, such as those supplied by Fronius. Fronius inverters are high quality and high performing, ideal for implementing field installations and roof-mounted systems on industrial or commercial buildings.

The only other requirement is to keep your solar panels clean and free from debris. Coretech, as commercial solar panel installers Yorkshire and the north of the UK, can provide after care and maintenance options to suit your requirements.